Aftermarket Viper Alarm

From BMW E34 Encyclopedia

Exiting the Valet Mode[edit]

  1. Open the driver side door
  2. Turn the ignition to the second position (do not start the car) and off
  3. Press and hold the valet button for 5 seconds. Release when you hear an audible chirp
  4. Quickly press and release the valet button 2 times
  • Press the valet button for the third time and hold it until you hear two audible beeps
  • Keep holding the valet button after you hear the beeps and turn the ignition back to the second position

Key Synchronization[edit]

  1. Get in the car and close all of the doors
  2. Cycle the ignition from first the second position quickly to start synchronization routine. Do not take more than five seconds; next step must be performed under 30 seconds
  3. Remove the key from the ignition and hold it near the transmitter. The transmitter antenna is usually mounted near the rear or front windshield
  4. Hold down the unlock button and press the lock button 3 times. Release the unlock button. The doors will lock to confirm successful synchronization
  5. Repeat the steps to synchronize additional keys