Motor Mounts

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We will cover replacement of engine mounts for M60B30 and M60B40.

Stock Mounts .vs Polyurethane[edit]

Stock, oil-filled motor mounts are not suitable for aggressive driving and tend to have a very limited lifespan.

Polyurethane mounts in 80A rating from RevShift are recommended as a plug and play replacement.

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Each motor mount has 3 bolts, two on the bottom of the mount and one bolt on the very top. All of the bolts, except the top driver side bolt are easily accessible.

There are many guides on how to reach the driver side bolt. Here is our take:

  • Unscrew coolant reservoir and move it to the side.
  • If you have a fan shroud, remove it, and carefully slide it out
  • Remove the stock air filter box
  • Put the front of the car on jacks
  • Pull the handbrake and put the car in the first
  • Choke the rear wheels for safety
  • Get a wooden 2x4 plank and another jack
  • Remove the bottom bolts from the both mounts
  • Put 2x4 under the front of the oil pan and jack up slowly
  • Use a flashlight to check the top bolt on the driver side
  • If you cannot reach it, inspect the clearance and jack the engine higher
  • You will need to raise the engine by 3 to 4 inches, at that point the clutch fan would be above the radiator
  • Use a 17mm socket with swivel and a long extension to remove the top bolt once you see it

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  • Put new mounts in place and secure the top bolts by hand. If the new bolts are not self-locking, use blue thread locker to keep them nice and tight
  • Use your extension and socket from the top to tighten up the bolts
  • Slowly drop the engine. Your engine mounts should now be in place
  • Screw 2 bolts on each mount under the car
  • Take it for a spin

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