Tool Companies

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There seems to be much confusion out there in the hand tool world about who makes who and the relationships between various tool companies. There are three major players out there in the USA tool market right now. We will not go through every brand as they might make and market the tools under a multitude of names. We will touch on the big brands made by each instead.

Major Manufacturers[edit]

    1. MAC Tools (Top end)
    2. Proto Tools (High quality industrial)
    3. Black Hawk (High quality, but mostly made in Taiwan)
    4. Husky (Home Depot store brand)
    5. Stanley (Wal-Mart and Discounters)
    1. Matco Tools (Top end)
    2. Armstrong Tools (High quality industrial)
    3. Silver Eagle (High quality, but mostly made in Taiwan)
    4. Grey Pneumatic (Industrial quality, but mostly made in Taiwan)
    5. Kobalt (Lowes Store brand)
    6. Craftsman (Sears Store brand)
    7. NAPA (Napa Store brand)
    8. Allen
    9. Gear Wrench
    10. K-D Tools
  3. Snap-On
    1. Snap-On Tools (Top end)
    2. JH Williams Tools (High quality industrial)
    3. Blue Point (High quality, but mostly made in Taiwan)
    4. Branded hand tools for New Holland and others - mostly Taiwan
    5. Bahco
    6. Sioux Tools
    7. ATI Tools

Minor Players[edit]

  1. S-K (once part of Facom - now independent. Starting to see S-K tool trucks competing with Snap-On / Mac / Matco / Cornwell)
  2. Cornwell (Image similar to Mac / Matco / Snap-on. Claims quality of comparable levels - however, your mileage may vary)
  3. Wright tools. (Can compete easily at the Matco / Mac / Proto / Armstrong levels of quality)
  4. Lisle tools (much smaller - but many almost unique tools)


  1. Stahlwille - The Snap-on of Europe. Best of the best - king of the hill.
  2. Facom - A truck brand there like Matco / Mac / Snap-on here.
  3. Hazet - Very nice in most cases
  4. Gedore - Quality industrial grade