The BMW E34 is the third generation of the BMW 5 Series, which was sold from January 1988 to 1996. It was launched in the sedan body style, with the range expanded in 1990 to include the "Touring" wagon (estate) body style. »

OEM .vs Aftermarket

The example vehicle is running a set of lowered springs with an aggressive rating. The OEM mount on the left side was in the car for over 12 months before replacement. The aftermarket mount on the right side failed after 3 months of light use. »

Recommended online sources for parts

Well knownhttps://www.ecstuning.comhttps:///www.pelicanparts.comhttps://www.bmwdiscountparts.comhttps://www.fcpeuro.comhttps://www.getbmwparts.comSpecialtyhttps://www.gutenparts.com/https://www.revshift.com/http://www.strong-strut.com/https://www.groundcontrolstore.com/collections/e34http://www.bavrest.com/index.htmlhttps://www.catuned.com/e34Junkyard part finderhttps://www.car-part.comTireshttps://www.tirerack. »

High-end tools and equipment

There seems to be much confusion out there in the hand tool world about who makes who and the relationships between various tool companies. There are three major players within the United States tool market: Stanley, Danaher, and Snap-On. You can save quite a penny on your toolbox if you »

Grouped list of maintenance parts for 530i and 540i

Throttle position switch (TPS) Name Quantity Part Number Throttle position switch 1 13631721456 Fillister head screw (M4X2,5) 2 13541726918 Idle control valve (ICV) Name Quantity Part Number Idle control valve 1 13411733090 Rubber o-ring 1 13711736197 Rubber grommet 1 13411733217 Rubber mounting (D=46MM) 1 13411736144 Intake temperature sensor »

Inspection of potential rust points

DoorsThe most prominent rust spots are located at the lowest section of the front driver and passenger door panels. This is a design flaw. The engineers had to press multiple layers of sheet metal together at the very bottom of the door. The compressed metal seam is covered with a »

Amauter approach to removing and repairing rust

The most annoying thing about owning an older car is rust. You might think that your car is rust free, but the unfortunate truth is, it has rust. My amateur (so-called) restoration work was covered by Jalopnik a while back. That was a great learning experience, but I don't recommend »