Obtaining parts for non-U.S specification vehicles

Should you shop OEM or aftermarket?

The answer: depends. If it's an essential part like a drive train pulley or fan clutch, I'll most likely shop OEM, same for anything that touches coolant. On other hand there are also instances where aftermarket manufacturers built a better product.

Grouped list of maintenance parts for 530i and 540i

Throttle position switch (TPS)

Name Quantity Part Number
Throttle position switch 1 13631721456
Fillister head screw (M4X2,5) 2 13541726918

Idle control valve (ICV)

Name Quantity Part Number
Idle control valve 1 13411733090
Rubber o-ring 1 13711736197
Rubber grommet 1 13411733217
Rubber mounting (D=46MM) 1 13411736144

Intake temperature sensor

Name Quantity Part Number
Temperature sensor (2500-OHM) 1 13621725324
Gasket ring (A12X17-AL) 1 07119963150
Shim (12X2,5-ZNS3) 1 26111225404
Profile gasket 1 11611736013

Engine temperature sensors

Name Quantity Part Number
Coolant temperature sensor (2-POL) 1 12621710535
Gasket ring for coolant temperature sensor (A14X18-AL) 1 07119963200
Water temperature sensor (M14x1,5) 1 12621288158

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